This collection of links only includes websites, blogs and pages of persons or groups belonging to canonical Orthodox jurisdictions.

Abbreviations: ANT (Antiochian Church) – ROCOR (Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia) – ROM (Romanian Orthodox Church).

Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate (ANT)

Conversi ad Dominum – Fr. John W. Fenton (ANT)

English Orthodoxy – Resources and Articles on the Western Orthodox Church

Eugraph Kovalevsky – Évêque Jean de Saint Denis (in French)

Forward in Orthodox Faith – Advice for Church of England and Forward in Faith people who are confused about where to go

Liturgical Texts Project – Collection of Western Orthodox Liturgical Texts

Occidentalis – Western Rite in the Orthodox Church (ROCOR)

Oremus – Roman Rite in the Orthodox Church – Fr. Aidan (ROCOR) Forum >>> Western Rite Discussion,35.0.html

Orthodox Christian West – News of Western Rite Orthodox Christianity (ROCOR)

Orthodox Divine Office (Yahoo Group)

ROCOR Western Rite England (ROCOR)

Orthodox Western Rite (ROCOR)

St. Luke’s Priory (ANT)
Dedicated to the fostering and study of Western Rite Orthodoxy.
Includes St. Luke’s Priory Press (catalogue of publications can be downloaded from website).

The Orthodox West (ANT)

Western Orthodox History

Western Rite Radio (ROCOR)

Western Orthodoxy (ANT)

Western Orthodoxy Blog – Ben Johnson (ANT) (discontinued)

Western Rite Orthodoxy (Wikipedia)

Western Rite Orthodoxy (Yahoo Group)

Western Rite Orthodoxy – UK (ROCOR)

Western Rite Vicariate of ROCOR (ROCOR)